CombLine Enhancement System Certification

Extension system that is revolutionising the market

3 Reasons Why CombLine Training Will Boost Your Business


More revenue, increase in average sale

Introducing new services in your salon will help build customer loyalty and increase the number of visits. In addition, it is a perfect extension system to create new designs and services.


Innovative, trendy salon

Your clients will see you as a leader in the sector, always up to date with the latest trends and innovations, with the most advanced systems on the market.


Cost effectiveness

You will have the ability to offset the investment in training in the new CombLine extension system in 1 month. In addition, the unique and exclusive training can be done in person.

What does CombLine Academy Training consist of?

CombLine Academy Training

CombLine Academy Training is aimed at hairdressers and stylists who want to introduce a new, revolutionary extension system in their salon.
It will allow you to give your business a boost by increasing the average sale, offering your clientele new options to improve their image: lengthening their hair, giving it more volume, more color without chemicals or a radical change of look.

What will you learn in this training?

A new work model in your salon

You will be able to offer alternatives and solutions to many of your clients' requests and hair problems such as lack of hair density or very fine hair without volume.

Offer new services

You will learn to analyse your client's needs and be able to offer them a perfect alternative to colouring.

CombLine Academy Training Content

Training agenda:
  1. 1
    The CombLine system
  2. 2
    A new working model for the salon
  3. 3
    Alternative to recurring services
  4. 4
    CombLine System Warranty
  5. 5
    Practice on a model or mannequin
  6. 6
    Doubts and questions
  7. 7
    FAQ for clients and hairdressers
Training duration:

1 Full Days face-to-face training

Where the training is given:

At Society Salons in Portlaoise.

CombLine Academy Training

How can I get certified in CombLine hair extensions?

CombLine Academy Training

On-site training

In Society Salons, Unit 9 Hynds Square, Portlaoise, Co. Laois, where you will receive training from the best experts in CombLine extensions in Ireland. 

inc VAT

CombLine Academy Training
  • Training manual
  • 25 min training video
  • Schemes for practices

Frequently Asked Questions about CombLine Training

When are the training dates?

You can check the dates by accessing the in-person training product

What material do I have to bring?

In CombLine training you only have to bring your scissors, brushes and combs that you normally use. The CombLine Professional Pack is delivered on the day of training.

Do I have to bring a model to the training?

No, we have practice mannequins in the salon. 

Is there online training?

No, due to the skilled techniques involved we believe in-person training is essential.

I have a problem and I can't attend the training, what should I do?

Contact us at 087 9372357 and we will help you. If there are places available on other dates it can be transferred without a problem. Please note the €500 deposit is non-refundable.